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tesa® 51010
tesa® 51010

tesa® 51010

tesa® 51010 dodatkowe informacje

tesa® High Load 51010 combines a highly tensilised polypropylene backing with a strong synthetic rubber adhesive.

Intelligent tesa technology and innovative raw materials provide a tape with doubled tensile stiffness compared to standard strapping tapes. The tape concept combines superior tensile strength with excellent flexibility and bend resistance (in contrast to glass fibre tapes).

Main Applications

  • Recommended for reinforcement of various cardboard handles (e.g. flap and top hole handles)
  • Ideal applications also include reinforcement of shipping cartons, as well as bundling and strapping of heavy goods, and securing pallets, which are exposed to shock during transport
  • Used for holding and securing in the appliance industry

Technical data:

Adhesive: Synthetic rubber

Total thickness: 124my

Tensile strength: 350N / 10mm

Elongation at break: 20%

Adhesion to steel: 7N / 10mm


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