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Reflective foils Reflexite

Reflexite microprismatic reflective foils VC212, VC312 and VC612 are mainly used for car conspicuity as police, ambulance and fire workers.

The contour marking tape VC104+ is the leading product for truck contour marking. We offer reflective materials which meet the highest quality requirements and therefore are used by professionals around the world.

The contour marking tape VC104 Rigid Grade for metal surfaces and VC104 Curtain Grade for tarpaulins is the most used product by bodybuilders for vehicle contour marking. Our long-term warranty and individual approach to customers give us the opportunity to offer the best products on the market.

Reflexite (today ORACAL) made an invention based to prismatic reflective foils and after more than 30 years now provide products with the best possible visibility during the day and at night, poor light and adverse weather conditions.

Reflexite (today ORAFOL) is the only manufacturer to offer the benefits of this superior technology which is the result of many years of experience, technical innovation and attention that the company devotes to meet the needs of customers.

Prism technology utilizes the phenomenon of light refraction on the inner surfaces of the pyramid. Before the light is reflected and returns to its source, who successively three faces of the pyramid.


The reflection of light is amplified by the accurate positioning of microscopic pyramids as spend under a microscope. The economic use of micro prism on planes provides the highest standard of reflectivity. Future technology provide you with today.


Contour Marking Tapes

Contour Marking Tapes

Reflexite contour marking tape VC104+ is...
Vehicle conspicuity

Vehicle conspicuity

The Reflexite microprismatic reflectiv...