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tesa® 64294
tesa® 64294

tesa® 64294

tesa® 64294 dodatkowe informacje

tesa® 64294 is a tensilised polypropylene strapping tape with a special natural rubber adhesive system.

tesa® 64294 features excellent low temperature compatibility. It provides a secure bond to various surfaces and can be removed without adhesive residue or delamination at low temperatures down to -10°C.

tesa® 64294 is specially designed for safe fixation of goods during all types of transports.

Main Applications

Closing, holding, securing and surface protection for all kinds of industries. For example, the appliance, office automation, furniture and metal industries.

Technical data:

Backing: MOPP

Adhesive: Natural Rubber

Total thickness: 107my

Tensile strength: 240N / 10mm

Elongation at break: 30%

Adhesion to steel: 3.3N / 10mm


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