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72132 50mm/75mm/100mm
72132 50mm/75mm/100mm72132 50mm/75mm/100mm72132 50mm/75mm/100mm72132 50mm/75mm/100mm

72132 50mm/75mm/100mm

The tape dispenser 72132 is specially designed for heavy duty packaing.

Main advantages:

  • Resistant and durable body

Reel width:

up to 50mm -> (product 72132)
up to 75mm -> (product 72133)
up to 100mm -> (product 72134)

Core diameter: 76mm

Reel diameter: 120mm

Weight: 375g (50mm); 535g (75mm); 670g (100mm)

This tapes can be used with our tape dispenser: 

  • Lane marking tape
  • PP packaging tape
  • Peinforced PP packaging tape
  • PVC packaging tape
  • Reinforced PVC packaging tape

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75mm - 

100mm - 

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