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tesa® 51207
tesa® 51207

tesa® 51207

tesa® 51207 dodatkowe informacje

tesa® 51207 is a thin UV and abrasion resistant high density PE tape with excellent adhesive power. The product is optimized for the automotive industry to protect components, trim parts and harnesses against mechanical damage in combination with noise prevention.


  • Transparency and UV resistance assist the application in the visible area
  • Self-lubricating tape with very good sliding properties reduces wear and friction and prevents noise
  • High energy absorption capacity even at high stress levels
Main Applications
tesa® 51207 is especially designed for interior and exterior anti-squeak and abrasion protection at the assembly line to ensure a reliable:
  • Masking of sharp-edged sheet-metal components
  • Sliding of car roofs, slide doors, delicate components
  • Prevention of noise and wear, e.g. from trim parts
  • Protection of harnesses in high friction areas
  • Application in visible areas e.g. bumper, B-pillar, wheel house

Technical Data:

Backing material: PE

Colour: Transparent

Adhesive: Pure Acrylic

Thickness: 0.114mm

Adhesion: 4.3N / cm

Elongation: 300%

Tensile strength: 80N / cm


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