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Aluminium foil tape 150my
Aluminium foil tape 150my

Aluminium foil tape 150my

The aluminium tape is dedicated for bonding of hot and cold insulation or acoustic insulation.Reinforced aluminium tapes are also used to securing of ventilation and climatization lines.


  • Bonding of insulations
  • For air conditioning and ventilation


  • Easy to apply also in low temperatures
  • Fire retardant DIN 4101 B1
  • Moisture resistant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Reflecting heat and light
  • Abrasion resistant

Technical data:

Carrier: Aluminium foil

Foil thickness: 150my

Total thickness: 190my

Liner: Silikonised paper

Adhesive: Acrylic, modified

Adhesion: >12.5N/25mm

Temperature resistance: -40°C - 150°C short term +260°C)

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