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Double Sided PP Foil 7419
Double Sided PP Foil 7419Double Sided PP Foil 7419Double Sided PP Foil 7419

Double Sided PP Foil 7419

Double sided foil tapes with PP carrier are perfect for mounting PP foils and interior applications. The double sided foil tape with Hotmelt adhesive is a universal product for several industrial applications.

PP Hotmelt tape advantages:

  • High tack
  • Good adhesion to LSE
  • Universal use

A very good initial tack is ideal for fast and easy mounting in interior applications.

Reel length: 50m and special
Available reel width: from 4mm to 1360mm 

Technical information:

Carrier: PP foil

Carrier thickness: 100my

Temperature resistance: -30C - +60C (short term +80C)

Adhesion: 28N / 25mm

Colour: transparent

Liner: Paper, yellow


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