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tesa® 4104
tesa® 4104tesa® 4104

tesa® 4104

tesa® 4104 is a premium packaging tape based on a PVC-film backing and a natural rubber adhesive. It shows excellent performance on all kind of cardboards and secures a safe closure. The natural rubber adhesive system is designed to show best results for applications on different kind of surfaces.


  • sealing small boxes (card-board or plastic)
  • sealing tins and bags
  • variety of colours available make tesa® 4104 ideals for marking
  • tesa® 4104 red enables a sharp-edge masking for multicolour painting.

Technical data:

Backing: PVC

Thickness: 0.067mm

Adhesive: Natural Rubber

Adhesion: 3.6N / cm (on steel)

Elongation: 60%

Tensile strength: 60N / cm


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