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tesa® 4541
tesa® 4541

tesa® 4541

tesa® 4541 dodatkowe informacje

tesa® 4541 is a highly tear-resistant uncoated cloth tape. It is based on a 145 mesh rayon fabric backing and natural rubber adhesive.
tesa® 4541 is a very flexible and conformable tape convenient for a wide range of applications.


  • good adhesion even on rough and oily surfaces
  • adapts to uneven surfaces without creasing
  • easy to write on, ideal marking tape
  • very high tensile strength
  • smooth and conformable
  • available in 5 colours: black, white, grey, red, brown


  • Manual and machine driven closure of heavy cartons, buckets and tins
  • Sealing of film containers, junction boxes and gap closures
  • Bundling of bars, rods and cables
  • Cable harnessing
  • Securing of edges
  • Reinforcing of book covers
  • Fixing of plastic clips to cable tubes
  • Reinforcing of hockey sticks
  • Various applications in animal health care for bandaging large and small animals

Technical Data

Backing material: uncoated cloth

Total thickness: 270 µm

Type of adhesive: natural rubber

Adhesion to steel: 3.6 N/cm

Elongation at break: 16 %

Tensile strength: 90 N/cm

Temperature resistance (30 min): 130 °C

Mesh: 145 count per square inch

Surface finish: matt

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  • Taśma tekstylna tesa 4541
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