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tesa® 4169
tesa® 4169tesa® 4169

tesa® 4169

tesa® 4169 PV3 marking tape is UV resistant and due to the thick backing it is able to withstand high mechanical stress. It is perfect suitable for permanent marking applications.

The tesa 4169 floor marking tape is available in a wide range of colors in two standard width - 50mm and 100mm.

Main Applications

  • Marking of working areas in factories and warehouses.
  • Guiding lines for mark sensitive vehicles as transport robots.
  • Marking of parking spaces and gangways in offices, hospitals, at fairs etc..

Technical data

Backing: Soft PVC foil

Total thickness: 0.18mm

Adhesive: Acrylic

Adhesion: 1.8N / cm

Elongation: 200%

Tensile strength: 30N / cm

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