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Dispenser ZCUT-9 RP
Dispenser ZCUT-9 RPfilm

Dispenser ZCUT-9 RP

Dispenser ZCUT-9 RP dodatkowe informacje

The electronic tape dispenser ZCUT-9 RP allows with an additional stand to remove the liner from the tape and cut to length.


  • ZCUT-9RP has a special function to peel off the back paper of tape.
  • The maximum outside diameter of roll is 150mm. we can only supply in set unit.
  • Aluminum Foil Copper Foil tape are usable.


Cut Length: 5 - 999 mm
Tape Width: 6 - 60 mm
Usable Tape: Back Papered,Double-Sided, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil.

Usable Non Adhesive Material: Protection Film, Paper Tape, Insulation Film, Aluminum Foil, Copper Foil etc.

Feeding Speed: 200 mm sec (when cut Craft Tape)
Max Outside Diameter: 150 mm (inside diameter of 75mm)
Accessories: Power Cord, 2A Fuse (Built-In Inlet), Separator, Guide Plate, Tweezers, Blade Oil.
Body Material: Anti-Static ABS
Power Requirements: AC220V 50/60Hz 25W
Dimensions: 116 mm(W)x140 mm(H)x213 mm(D)
Weight: 2.5kg


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