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Dispenser ZCUT-6-KP
Dispenser ZCUT-6-KP

Dispenser ZCUT-6-KP

Electronic Tape Dispenser ZCUT-6-KP is specially designed to cut thin foil tapes like Kapton.


  • Ideal for thin foil tapes
  • One machine can cover wide range of tape. (15-80mm width)
  • Auto feed & cut.
  • Easy to change blade and inexpensive blade cost.
  • Simply set length by digital counter.
  • Tough body enables to stand 24 hours being used.
  • Compact body.
 Length: 70 - 999 mm
 Width:10 - 30 mm
 Thickness:0.05 mm - 0.1mm
 Tape:Kapton, Poliester, Thin foil tapes
 Foils:Protection foil
 Feeding speed:> 47pieces / min (100mm)
 Diameter:150 mm
 Power:AC 220V 50/60Hz 25W
 Dimensions: 166 x 245 x 243 mm (W x H x D)
 Weight:9.4 kg


 Manual ZCUT 3, ZCUT 3150, ZCUT 3250, ZCUT 6Download Manual (PDF)
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